How Dentures are made

Not all dentures are made with the same materials or technique. Sometimes the material used to create the “pink tissue” (gum) portion of dentures can shrink when it’s processed, leaving you with a denture that is uncomfortable to wear
and irritates your mouth. You can feel insecure when doing everyday things (like smiling or eating), and develop sore spots.

IvoBase Precision Dentures are different. Our materials compensate for potential shrinkage, so the denture base fits securely and comfortably when you wear it. So, you’ll have the confidence to eat, talk, smile, and laugh any time!

Video: How Dentures are made

Its more than a Denture, it's your Smile!

Benefits to Smile about

Look Great — Precision dentures by IvoBase Precision look like beautiful, healthy teeth and let you choose the shades and shapes for your perfect smile.

Feel Strong and Confident — The high impact strength and accurate fit of precision dentures eliminate worries about damage and breakage, letting you do whatever
comes naturally, like smiling, speaking, laughing and eating foods you love.

Be Healthier — Dentures that fit well, resist plaque and bacteria, and prevent unwanted irritations leave your mouth healthy and free of tissue inflammation.

Eliminate Dental Odor — IvoBase Precision dentures have a non-porous surface, which helps to reduce odorcausing bacteria and plaque, leaving your mouth cleaner.

Use Less Dental Adhesives — These precision dentures fit naturally, securely, and comfortably, so you won’t need to rely on denture adhesives as much.